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 01: Animation 

This animation was created using the Faun Rig.

The model was made by: Victor REGIS

The Rig was made by: Thomas Vialetto

 02: Software Experience 

Wavy Abstract Background





Substance Painter



Software Experience
Purple Object

 03 Experience & Education 

Spring Quarter 2022

Lake Washington Institute of Technology 3D Design Team Project

Animator/Team Member

During this class the students were required to create a functioning 3D game. The game itself was a simple shooter. While working on this project each person in the class made animations for a chosen weapon. I was assigned the shotgun weapon. Out of all the animations created for the shotgun asset my was chosen for the build. During this time I was also responsible for creating a level for the classes game.

Winter 2022

Lake Washington Institute of Technology 2D Design Team Project

Animator/Team Member

During this class the students were required to create a functioning 2D digital game. For this project I was tasked with designing and animating two enemies. One drone enemy and one hiding enemy. For both enemies I created movement animations. As for the hiding enemy I created an attack animation and a hiding animation.

Spring Quarter 2022

Capstone Team Project LWTech


As an animator for my class's capstone team project I was responsible for rigging and animating models made by my peers. 


Digipen's Project Fun


While attending this daycamp, students were taught many of the aspects of game development. This included various theories and practices in the making of game. We would then apply what we had learned by creating our own short game projects. These projects ranged from traditional board and card games to digital projects.


Sno - Isle Learning Institute

Project Team Member

As a final assignment for students in Sno - Isle institute's digital gaming course we had to develop our own game using C++ in small groups. As a team member my contributions included basic coding, doing simple art assets for the art lead, and level design. I was also in charge of writing the story to our game. 

Experiene & Education

About Me

I am a 3D animator with a stubborn dedication to imagination. With key frames and careful manipulation of the movement curves, I bring 3D characters to life.


I would love to hear from you. Please contact me at any of these sources if you have any concerns or questions.



 (425) 328 - 5374

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